Important Disclosures

This material is provided for information and discussion purposes only and is qualified in its entirety by the information included in the confidential offering documents of each private investment fund described herein, and is not intended to be, nor should it be construed or used as investment, tax or legal advice or an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, an interest in any fund.Any offer or solicitation of an investment in a fund may be made only by delivery of such fundís offering documents to qualified investors.An investment in a fund is not suitable for all investors.


This information is as of the date(s) indicated, is not complete, is subject to change without notice, and does not contain material information regarding any fund, including specific information relating to an investment in such fund and related important risk and other disclosures.Before making any investment, an investor should thoroughly review a fundís offering documents with its professional advisor(s) to determine whether an investment is suitable for them.Fund offering documents may be obtained directly from a fund.


A fund may decline to accept any investment.


Funds offered by MMJ are unregistered private investment funds or pools that may employ different investment, hedging, leverage and arbitrage methodologies with exposure to many different securities and futures markets.  The funds are not subject to the same regulatory requirements as mutual funds, including mutual fund requirements to provide certain periodic and standardized pricing and valuation information to investors. There are substantial risks in investing in a fund.Prospective investors should note the following:

          The funds represent speculative investments and involve a high degree of risk.  An investor could lose all or a substantial portion of his/her investment.

          Any investment in the funds should be discretionary capital set aside strictly for speculative purposes.

          An investment in a fund is not suitable for all investors.

          The net asset value of a fund may be determined by its administrator in consultation with its manager or advisor.Certain portfolio assets may be illiquid and without a readily ascertainable market value.Since the value assigned to portfolio securities affects a managerís or advisorís compensation, the managerís or advisorís involvement in the valuation process creates a potential conflict of interest.The value assigned to such securities may differ substantially from the value a fund is able to realize.Instances of mispriced portfolios, due to fraud or negligence, have occurred in the industry.

          The funds may be leveraged and a fundís performance can be volatile.

          Some funds may use a single advisor or employ a single strategy, which could mean a lack of diversification and higher risk.

          Some funds may execute a substantial portion of trades on foreign exchanges, which could mean higher risk.

          An investment in the funds may involve a high degree of risk and volatility and can be highly illiquid and there are significant restrictions on transferring interests in a fund.  Such risks imay include, without limitation, risk of adverse or unanticipated market developments, risk of counterparty or issuer default and risk of illiquidity.There is no secondary market for an investorís investment in a fund and none is expected to develop. 

          A fundís fees and expenses-which may be substantial regardless of any positive return-will offset the fundís trading profits.

          Some funds may involve complex tax structures and delays in distributing important tax information.

          A fund may have little or no operating history or performance and may use performance which may not reflect actual trading of the fund and should be reviewed carefully.Investors should not place undue reliance on hypothetical, pro forma or predecessor performance.

          A fund and its managers/advisors may be subject to various conflicts of interest.

          This summary is not a complete list of the risks and other important disclosures involved in investing in the funds and is subject to the more complete disclosures contained in the fundsí respective offering documents, which should be reviewed carefully.

Benchmarks and financial indices are shown for illustrative purposes only, may not be available for direct investment, may be unmanaged, assume reinvestment of income, do not reflect the impact of any management or incentive fees and have limitations when used for comparison or other purposes because they may have different volatility or other material characteristics (such as number and types of instruments).


All performance information is net of applicable fees and expenses and presumes reinvestment of income unless otherwise specifically noted. MMJ is compensated for finding investors for funds described herein.


Return targets or objectives, if any, are used for measurement or comparison purposes and only as a guideline for prospective investors to evaluate a particular investment programís investment strategies and accompanying information.Targeted returns reflect subjective determinations by a fundís investment manager based on a variety of factors, including, among others, investment strategy, prior performance of similar products (if any), volatility measures, risk tolerance and market conditions.Performance may fluctuate, especially over short periods.Targeted returns should be evaluated over the time period indicated and not over shorter periods.Targeted returns are not intended to be actual performance and should not be relied upon as an indication of actual or future performance.


The information contained herein, including investment returns, valuations, fund targets and strategies, has been supplied by the funds or their agents or other third parties to  MMJand, although believed to be reliable, has not been independently verified and cannot be guaranteed.  MMJ makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of such information.  Although MMJ may provide its analysis,  MMJdoes not provide ďdue diligenceĒ on an investorís behalf and is not responsible for an investorís investment decisions. 


Past performance is no guarantee of future results.No representation is made that a fundís risk management, investment process, trading performance or investment objectives will or are likely to be achieved or successful or that any fund or underlying investment will or is likely to achieve any results shown or will make any profit or will not sustain losses.Portfolio allocations are selected by, and will vary in the sole discretion of, the fundís investment manager and are subject to availability and market conditions, among other things.




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